Smartbar Group is a PLB* manufacturer.

(*Private-label brand)
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Smartbar Group - your reliable partner, existing on the market since 1927
We are experts in production of high-quality cereal and protein bars
State-of-the-art process line, multilevel raw material and final product quality control
We employ flexible pricing and cooperation practices

Smartbar Group is your reliable partner and supplier. We employ flexible pricing and cooperation practices.

Smartbar Group is the leading cereal and protein bars

The problem of healthy diet and snacks remains acute, since consumers care more about their health and seek a price-quality balance.

This is why retail chains and HoReCa launch more projects on manufacturing private-label foods.

A private-label product can help a company create a unique value proposition and win secure customer loyalty and trust.

Cooperating with HoReCa and retail leaders, our company is an expert manufacturer of finest-quality cereal and protein bars.

№ 1
We are Russia's number one bar manufacturers
In 2020, the private label holds a 20-percent share in our company
100+ original recipes
10 000 000
10,000,000 bars sold under labels of our clients in 2020